Saturday, February 26, 2011

Can you be both a Sad Panda and Happy at the same time?

So It has been almost a week since Jaime left Georgia and it was one awesome weekend, despite me getting sick and Jaime consequently getting sick in turn. I am sorry my love! Anyways I digress we have some amazing pictures from the weekend and we should be sending out "Save the Date" wedding announcements sometime late April. This brings me to why I am sad. Jaime and I now don't get to see each other until after I graduate, book a flight, and fly to my new home base. Hopefully in Bangor, WA. This means that we can't see one and another for around 6 weeks. 6 WEEKS. Honestly this sucks, a lot. I love Jaime with every fiber of my body. She makes me the happiest man in the world but it sucks living some few thousand miles apart. Well at least time will change that. Pretty soon we get to finally live together and life can finally move on. Anyways my tentative graduation date is April 15th, and I should, hopefully, be getting to pick my orders soon. I know where Jaime and I would love to go, already helped her pick out an apartment, and now it is just a suspenseful waiting game. Yes right now I am 3rd in the class with a 93.40% and should be getting a great pick, but the truth is we never know what the split it going to be between Bangor and Kingsbay. For the most part the billets right now are going to Bangor, last class had a 10-2 Bangor split, but the reality is that something could come up and things could change. Welcome to the military I suppose. Anyways with all this stress and the stress of throwing a wedding in under a year things are going to be very interesting for us the next year. Anyways I know that everything will be fine in the long run because Jaime is such a wonderful and caring person and honestly things are great right now too, just because I get to talk to the person I love most every day of my life.

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  1. Aww... I miss you too! And it's definately no fun being sick. But I'm toughing it out - and Skype definately helps. Don't worry love. Someday you'll wake up to my germy self when I have a cold, rather than hearing me sniffle over the phone.