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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Shutter Bug and Parking It

The Impossible Girl at Fish Park, running bridges.
I'm pretty lucky that My Sailor is a shutter bug. Honestly, I'm usually so busy living that I forget that these moments are important to record too.  Luckily for me, he has a pretty good. He takes the pictures. I do the editing and sharing. That's the deal.

So, on weekends, we've taken to doing a walk and a small picnic or a mini-road trip somewhere.

Okay, so truth be told, these are both of these are born of necessity. A car ride puts The Impossible Girl to sleep, and, since she is prone to waking up as soon as we park, these car rides can last an hour or more. And walks/hikes are a cheap way to get out of the house when wallets are tight and we're all about at our wits end. But it dawned on me the other day, when a Child Care staff member asked if we take The Impossible Girl on hikes because she LOVES being outside and in the dirt discovering nature whenever she can be.

That was awesome. As much as I complain about her screen time, which is unavoidable in today's world, we get her outside EVERY SINGLE DAY. And not just outside to walk from a parking lot to another indoor location - but actually spending time OUTSIDE. I've always been a nature girl. In fact, we have a camping trip planned and I'm already looking forward to exploring new woods, trails, and what not. 

Fish Park in Poulsbo is one of our usual haunts - usually on a hunt for painted rocks (thanks to the talented folks at Kitsap Rocks) or out for a picnic to let The Impossible Girl burn off some energy.

Last month we were at the fish park quite often -

Hanging out with my favorite little alien.

The Impossible Girl rocking her Angel hoodie - From Disney's Lilo and Stitch series

One of our napping/road trips lead us to Port Townsend for lunch.

  The Impossible Girl quickly discovered the perfect size playground. Usually a bit of a wallflower, she surprised us by diving right in with the other kids, climbing the stairs and riding the slide over and over and over.... you get the jist...

 And wasn't too thrilled when it was time to move on.

She teaches me a lot every day.

A lot about patience.

A lot about guidance.

A lot about courage.

A lot about fear.

A lot about love.

A lot about her.

A lot about marriage.

And a lot about myself.

I guess she's not the only one growing up.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

My Husband The Hero or "I kicked the Sh!T out of it."

Today My Sailor was a real hero.

When our septic tank had some serious issues back in May, I made a trip to the laundromat with The Impossible Girl to do some laundry we couldn't do at home.  Somehow, in balancing baby, laundry, giant change jar and detergent, I didn't check that the lid to the detergent was on all the way... and, of course, it tipped over and spilled all over the inside of the trunk of the T (my trusty 2006 Pontiac Torrent).  I sopped up as much as I could with towels I was going to wash anyway, and decided that the traces of blue goop left over would just have to stay for the moment. The bits that had absorbed into the car were just a new air freshener.

Anyway, more than a month later, I go to pop the trunk and it makes the popping sound, but won't open. There is no key hole as an option to open it either. It's key fob or nothing.

To add to the problem, it's my lean season at work, so the wallet doesn't have wiggle room for car repairs right now - and of course my right brake light is out - and we're going camping with family.

So, being the resourceful gal I am, I Google "how to manually open your tailgate of a 2006 Pontiac Torrent". Turns out my car (for some strange reason) is missing the opening other cars have in order to manually open it from the inside. (Sigh)

Just as I'm about to give up, My Sailor offered to take a look at it.

After about 10 minutes, I hear a loud Bang. Thinking he gave up and just slammed the doors, I come outside to find the back is OPEN!

After high fiving him, and still in a state of complete and utter shock, I asked, "How did you do it?"

"I kicked the shit out of it."

"And it worked?!"


"You should be in IT."

The culprit? The ever changing weather had caused the detergent that was stuck inside the lock of the tailgate to gum up the works.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Pumpkin Picking 2013

Here are a few photos from our pumpkin gathering outing to Mosby Farms in Auburn, Washington. It's great to sneak out for an adventure every now and then. While it is out of the way (and it was like pulling teeth to get S along for the ride) a good time was had by all.  We arrived just before closing, so we weren't able to do the massive corn maze, but maybe next year. 

 Capped off our trip with a visit to their farm stand for a few fresh, local preserves! Yum....

Friday, October 18, 2013

Adoption Update! A Step in the Right Direction!

We officially finished our PRIDE training classes! This is a big step since we've been attempting to get into these classes for over a year, but S's schedule has never lined up just right. Well, it FINALLY did! We still have a long way to go, but it's a huge step in the right direction!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Lucky Girl

It's days like these that I feel pretty lucky. With a combined totally of 8 hours of sleep between the two of us over the last 24 hrs, I woke up to S surprising me with a mostly Paleo friendly coffee, and a pair of shoes. Throwing them on, still in his old Navy sweat pants and a tank top, I followed him out to his car because he had something to show me. We drove the mile down the road to the marina. This unaltered photo is what we saw through the trees. He had seen it in his way in and wanted to share it with me. Just one of the many reasons I love my life.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Staying Healthy Together

S and I got to go on a really fun 5k this weekend. I was planning on doing it alone, but having him around has been a great surprise! Our team, Eradiction H, performed admirably, even though we didn't survive.

Eradication H! Andy, J, S, Mini, and Melissa

J and the boys

Our time - a new Personal Record for J!


Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Spring Vacation Day 2 - Exploring on a Down Day

It's not uncommon for me to be so excited on a Disney trip that I can't sleep.

Though Disney World wasn't our first destination, I was still up at the crack of dawn. While S slept in, I ducked out of the room to explore the hotel.

The Fitness room was busy, which was encouraging! On my way out, I spotted a flock of wild turkeys in the courtyard! Apparently a morning jogger was also surprised to see them. We both stood there, taking photos from opposite ends and giggling at the surprise.

The hotel only had a few choices of places for breakfast. I found the busiest place was a small coffee stand, which sold yogurt, muffins, and other assorted pastries.

 I picked up a Chai Soy Latte for S, a mocha for myself, and a blueberry muffin to split. I took my time strolling back to the room, but S was still out cold. Leaving breakfast on a table for him, I took my Acer outside and worked on getting it up and running. It had been problematic before the trip but I was hopeful that we could get it working - at least for the time being. For now, some getaway time was far more valuable than a piece of technological equipment.

 It was a beautiful morning, as I ate my breakfast on the porch and watched the world wake up. The  I encountered several of our neighbors getting a last minute cell phone chat in before beginning their day. It was an incredibly peaceful way to start the trip - which isn't actually my usual Florida speed.  By this point any other trip, I'd be on my way to an amazing character breakfast somewhere in the parks. Instead, I was out on the porch, sipping my mocha and praying my computer would boot up and cooperate. Since it wasn't, I had brought my back up method - the same travel journal I've been keeping since S and I first met face-to-face. I jotted a few notes to calm the restlessness desperately trying to keep the 5-year-old in me from bouncing up and down on the bed and waking up S while chanting, "We're here! We're on Vacation!"

By the time he awoke, he had no interest in the chia tea, so I finished that off as we headed off of Shades of Green property and over to the Polynesian resort. I'd gotten a tip before we left that it's better to catch resort transportation there than from Shades of Green, as busses run more frequently.  I don't know why, but I was surprised to find that the resort theming was even all over the trash cans! Obviously we'd entered Disney's version of Polynesia...

After a slight mix up in transportation (which resulted in an unexpected round trip on the monorail - oops!) we arrived at Downtown Disney, still a bit travel weary and by now, starving.

So our Downtown Disney visit started in a way every single one of our Disney World visits has started - a meal at the T Rex Café!

We snacked on some salads and appetizers and enjoyed some adult beverages before we headed into the shopping mecca to browse, and hit up one of S's requests - the Ghiradelli Chocolate Store. We got a mint and chip dark chocolate sundae to split and sat down to watch some high school choirs finish their performances.

After a long day getting some miles in by strolling from one end of Downtown Disney to the other and back again, we settled back into the hotel for some R&R.

This is a MUCH slower pace than I'm used to taking on trips. I'm used to going all out, full force, suck the marrow out of each moment, but ya know what?  There is something to be said for stopping to smell the roses... or in my case, the whipped cream...