Friday, February 4, 2011

Her Turn - First Flowers!

Sean has been counted as one of my best friends for nearly half my life. You know, the type of person you can't go through a single day without talking to. The type of person who you can really be yourself around, and who makes you feel sane when you're a little crazy. That said, there really is nothing better than being in love with your best friend. So being in engaged to Sean has been a wonderful experience that I'm sure I'll treasure forever. I've always treasured how in-step we seem to be. That said, Wednesday was a LOUSY-day for both of us.

Our schedules just could not seem to get on the same page. See, it can be challenging to connect with each other when you're on different coasts and in different time zones.  We do our best to schedule at least a good 2 hours a day where we have some uninterrupted Skype time. But some days, it just seems like that's not in the cards.

Wednesday was one of those days. Between my work, the Navy (on his side), and errands I had to run, we were barely able to talk on the phone. On top of that, I had to get my license renewed at the DMV. Their next appointement was after my trip to Seattle (next weekend) and Jacksonville! That wouldn't work, so I went in during the middle of the week, hoping to be in an out of the DMV quickly.  Afterall, who goes to the DMV during the day in the middle of the week?

Apparently everyone. 3+ hours later, I FINALLY left with my new temporary license. California is so behind, that they've outsourced the manufacturing part of licenses to a company that is running SIX to EIGHT weeks behind! That was really bad news since I have 2 round-trip flights this month and NO VALID GOVERNMENT ISSUED PHOTO ID to show for it. Frustration is probably putting it mildly.

Now, my fuse is usually pretty long, but that day it was shorter than usual. His day was pretty lousy as well due to some crazy scheduling. But Sean, being the wonderful guy that he is, helped me find a solution to my problem - and sent me flowers!

They arrived the next day, an early Valentine's Day gift.

Now, any man can send a woman the obligatory roses on Valentine's day. An especially thoughful man will send flowers "just because". But only a man who truly knows and loves a woman will send her FAVORITE flowers from the BEST florist in town - from all the way across the continent.

Favorite flowers - Dendrobium orchids in purple! Other favorites? Bi-colored roses and exotic flowers!
Good job honey.

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