Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Ring Story - Part 2

The Ring Story – Part 2

I’d been hearing for some time about the ring that Sean picked out for me. We’d spent a fairly significant amount of time browsing online, so I knew he had a feeling for what I like.  Though I love the Mickey ring he picked out, there isn’t a lot of respect for Mouse shaped jewelry in this world (which is really a shame, but that’s a tale for another blog). He did a great job keeping it under wraps once it was in his possession.
When it comes to jewelry (like most things in life) I like things simple. I’ve never craved a rock so big that it would be a point of envy to the outside world. I don’t care about things that come in a “Tiffany” blue box. I’m interested in quality, or things with history to them. Most of my favorite pieces of jewelry came from antique/consignment shops, and all were under $100 (including a beautiful carved ivory rose necklace). When it came to engagement rings, I was thinking of something a little different than the basic round diamond solitare in a yellow gold setting, but I never had my sights set on anything by Tacori or Harry Winston. I was thinking something simple, more along the lines of a gem stone ring (Alexandrites are my faves) with diamond accents, or an eternity ring.  I didn’t need or want anything big.
I knew Sean was planning on giving me the ring Thursday when I arrived at the airport. He just couldn’t wait to show it to me.
I found him at the baggage claim.
He was already waiting for my bag to come through to grab it for me. (What a gentleman!) We decided to wait until the privacy of the rental car for him to let me see the ring that I would wear on my left hand for the rest of my days.
But that plan back-fired, just a little.

See, though my itinerary said that the car was located inside the airport terminal, it was wrong. We found the shuttle stop fairly quickly. It was the over 30 minute wait for the shuttle that seemed like an eternity. Now, don’t get me wrong. There is no one I’d rather wait on a curb with, but it was starting to look like they’d forgotten about us.

Unable to wait any longer, Sean produced a beautiful white gold diamond ring.

Resembling an eternity ring, the main attraction are 3 marquis cut diamonds. There are 6 smaller stones resembling hidden Mickeys on the sides, and 6 smaller rectangular beside them. 3 Karats total in a tapered raised setting. The detail in design makes it all work without feeling too big or bulky.
It’s quite a ring when compared to my pint sized fingers. It’s definitely more ring than I ever even would have considered owning. The weight is going to take some getting used to, but this definitely strikes me as an heirloom piece – and I like the thought of jewelry with some life and history poured into it.
I will be getting it sized once I get home and I can’t wait to see how it feels when it’s paired with the perfect wedding band from the guy perfect for me. 

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