About The Authors

Sean is a 28 year old writer and Navy Submariner originally from Michigan.

Jaime is a 32 year old freelance writer (currently published with Celebrations Press magazine) and medical coder originally from Southern California.

"J" (Jaime)

How we met:
Well, it's a long story going back over a decade, so I'll sum it up. Sean and I "met" at the Red Dragon Inn in the magical land of AOL. Being avid online role-players in our youth, our characters and storylines soon clicked and melded together. Intrigued by this mutual hobby, we began talking more and more out of character. Soon, out of character chats and phone calls took priority over role-playing our characters (Sorry Sihaya and Lazarus!) After almost 13 years of near-rock-solid friendship more than a few feelings had generated. But what to do about them? Well, the time had come to meet to see if this thing was actually as real as it felt.

Was there actually a future to this?

I always said, by the time we met, I'd already decided that, if it wasn't like kissing my brother, he was 'the one'.
Lucky for us, it's very real - and nothing like kissing my brother.

And yes, the future looks bright!

Currently, we live in Poulsbo, Washington near Sean's submarine base, with Clydas - the Boxer dog.