Monday, May 7, 2012

April and Beyond

It's been a very eventful past month here at the Pacific Northwest Homestead.

First the Good News!

We Got a House!
Soon after our visit with family in Michigan and Florida, we started the house hunting process. We ended up purchasing a 1948 farm house that's been renovated, and has an amazing view of Liberty Bay - one of the inlets off the Puget sound. In fact, on a clear day, you can see snow capped peaks in the distance. We're still in the process of getting set up and it's really been "baptism by fire". Sean's been working hard at the landscaping when he has time and we've both been working at getting the place set up - no easy feat when you're both working full time. A video tour to come when we're all set up, but here are a few promotional photos from the listing for now.

Other News Our Wedding is FINALLY coming together! We set a new date (August 12th) and a new location has generously offered to work with us to give us a great event. We've moved the whole sh-bang to California. The artwork for the invitations should be done by the end of the week, Sean's leave should be approved tomorrow, and my girls are all over ordering their dresses. I have a local craftsman lined up to make my bridal fan and my old roomie is going to dj for us and a good friend of mine will be our officiant. I might have a photographer lined up, and we're still on the look out for a bakery, videographer, and someone to do hair and make up (though in a pinch I'm sure I can manage those for myself). I might have a gal lined up for floral too but because we're doing it at a fabulously decorated venue already, we won't have to do much as far as center pieces and decor like that. And the Bad News Into every charmed life, a little rain must fall. We've been struggling through a few minor hiccups, but we recently learned my dad has Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer. He'll start aggressive chemo in a few weeks to buy us some more time with him. This August will make my parent's 41st wedding anniversary, and we're hoping he'll beat the odds and be around to celebrate 42 with my mom. Pancreatic Cancer is known for being highly aggressive, but my dad's attitude is amazing. He continues to inspire me and we'll keep reaching for the bright side. I'm looking forward to making lots of great memories with my family this summer. Oh - so where is the wedding? Let's end on a good note. My favorite eatery in Downtown Disney - Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen! They are giving us the Parlor room and the balcony for the event. It's within about a block of Disneyland and should make for a fun way to spend the weekend! Sean and I have a little bit of history there. We went there during his California visit a couple years ago for lunch and LOVED it. Hope all of you enjoy it as well.