Friday, July 6, 2012

"No Rehearsal Dinner?!" AKA "What is a Sip N' Snack?"

I touched on this in my Trader Sam's Preview post here, but I thought I'd clarify so everyone has the same expectations.

I haven't really touched on the financial end of things when it comes to the wedding, but I guess now is as good a time as any.


Just as our guest list is a small fraction of the US Average, our budget is also a mere fraction of the national average as well. In fact, if it weren't for so many open hearts and understanding people, relocating the wedding may not have happened at all.  We couldn't be more grateful to those who learned the circumstances, sucked it out, and have come to our aid to figure how to make this happen in under 100 days!

We would LOVE treat each and every one of you to a bill-free vacation, but our budget doesn't agree. Our sponsored event is the wedding and reception meal only.

That's why we opted to make our events outside of the wedding "Sip N' Snack" events!

"What is a Sip N' Snack?"
Usually set in a casual setting, a Sip N' Snack is a come-as-you-are, BYOC (bring your own cash) event. Come and have a drink and appetizers. Mingle over a glass of water. Hungry? Have lunch! There are no rules! And that's what makes a Sip N' Snack so awesome. It's completely optional, and an easy, laid back way to get to know people.

"So... there is no rehearsal dinner?"
Yes, there is no rehearsal dinner. Rehearsal dinners are traditionally attended by everyone from out of town. Well, we're a destination wedding and everyone is from out of town. Like we said above, we'd LOVE to treat everyone to an entire vacation if we could, but the reality is, until we win the lottery, we can't.  Luckily, our rehearsal is prime lunching time (Noon-1pm), so we've opted to do a Sip N' Snack a short walk away from the rehearsal site, immediately following it. If you'd like to join us, please do! If not, that's fine too. We're just getting an approximate head count so we can give the location a heads up rather trying to storm a lounge and hoping for service.

"So, what Sip N' Snacks are planned?"We currently have two Sip n' Snacks planned. For those of you not going into the parks, you'll be glad to know NEITHER OF THEM REQUIRE PARK ADMISSION! In fact, you'll get 3-5 hrs of free parking in the Downtown Disney lot!

Friday,  August 10th @ Trader Sam's 4:30-7pm (the lounge on Disneyland Hotel property, park in Downtown Disney. My wonderful Podcast friends Paul and Tairy Barrie (from
Window To The Magic) are hosting a Sip N' Snack gathering inside this fun, quirky lounge! Come meet our videographer (Paul) and his wonderful wife (Tairy) who have been my eyes, ears, and tastebuds! Kid friendly until 8pm, click on the name to find out more about this quirky, fun place to beat the heat!

Saturday, August 11th @ Tortilla Jo's  1:15pm (located in Downtown Disney, patio) This location is subject to change, but I'll be sure to let ya'll know if it does! No trip to Southern California is complete without a little South of the Border flavor. For those who need some tequila to beat the heat their list is over 100 long!

While other meet ups MAY happen on Friday and Saturday - those will probably be more spontaneous in nature. Stay tuned to the email list for updates there! (If you RSVP'd via email I have your info! If not, PLEASE send an email to ASAP to be sure you don't miss any updates! Thanks!)