Thursday, June 28, 2012

Getting a Lay of the Lands - Resorts and Downtown Disney

Since most of you haven't been to Disneyland (or haven't been in over 10 years), here's a little teaser!

If you're staying at a Disney Resort (or want to know where Sean and I are staying), you'll probably be staying at either the Disneyland Hotel or the Paradise Peir hotel. Where are those in relation to everything else? Well, here's a quick clipped map to give you an idea of where everything is.

So the wedding is happening in Downtown Disney, at Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen. They are graciously giving us the ENTIRE top floor from 10am-4pm, and allowing the girls in to a small dining room as our 'prep space' starting at 8:30am! I'll show you all the space during the rehearsal so you'll know where and when to meet. Guys - I imagine the best place for you to meet would be at the Disneyland Hotel. Sean will be flying solo that morning. (I'll be out early getting my hair and make-up done with my mom at a studio in Costa Mesa. Any ladies that would like to be early risers and come along to take photos, you're welcome to!)

Wedding weekend events (not requiring park admission) will take place in Downtown Disney.  A central location keeps parking and everything simple and stress free, and that's what we're all about! A few guests have mobility limitations so keeping it central makes it easier on them as well. (I hate being a guest at a wedding where the bride and groom only have about 5 minutes to spend with guests, so we're trying to avoid that scenario, even though we don't have time to spend a day one-on-one with each of you.) Please don't feel like you need to attend every event. We're happy to see you whereever we can.

So what is Downtown Disney all about? Mostly shopping, with live entertainment in the streets, and delicious food all around. Here's the most accurate map I could find of the place, with a few key wedding event locations marked. 

All this prep work is putting me in a Disney mood! Hopefully you folks are enjoying these updates too!
  To get the official line on what else you can find in Downtown Disney, Click here.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Preview of Trader Sam's!

Last night, I got to explore Trader Sam's with the WTTM crew, and it was a really fun experience! Safe to say, this is a great destination for a Sip N' Snack!

What is a Sip N' Snack?Usually set in a casual setting, a Sip N' Snack is a come-as-you-are, BYOC (bring your own cash) event. Come and have a drink and appetizers. Mingle over a glass of water. Have a drink or two. There are no rules! And that's what makes a Sip N' Snack so awesome. It's completely optional, and an easy, laid back way to get to know people.
Who the heck are the WTTM crew and What is Trader Sam's?

WTTM stands for Window To The Magic Disneyland Podcast. It's a FREE downloadable podcast that transports listeners to Disneyland Resort by coming along on an audio adventure. Want to hear what rides sound like and let your imagination take flight? It's been one of my favorite Disney Podcasts for years. I highly recommend it when warming up for a visit to the parks! It might give you an idea of what to expect as well. The crew includes the host Paul Barrie (and our videographer!) and his wife Terri (our wedding coordinator and general 2nd set of hands), and the folks who help make the magic come to life in my ipod every week.

Trader Sam's - Trader Sam's is a bar at the Disneyland Hotel. It's themed in a fanciful polynesian fashion, and is lots of fun. It may not be the perfect place for quiet conversations, but it's a great place to have some fun. The drinks are delicious (and unique), and the food is good as well. It's difficult to describe the entertainment, so I won't, but I will my friend Tom from the Disney Tourist blog do it. Click here to see his photos, description, and reviews.  Children are welcome before 8pm, and there is enough going on to keep them entertained, if they aren't frightened by low lighting or loud noises from me time to time.

"Cool, but what does this have to do with Wedding stuff?"
Well, Paul Barrie, the host of the Window To The Magic Podcast, and his wife are pals of mine, as well as wedding particpants! Every Friday night from 4:30-7pm they take over Trader Sam's, and I'd love to get my family and friends in on the fun.

Now- this location isn't for everyone. It can be noisy but it's all in good clean fun. It's a good time with good people, not to mention a great way to get out of the unforgiving Anaheim August sun.

There are no reservations to make, but if we know you're coming, we can save you one of the limited seats, so please let me know if you plan on attending before you arrive if possible. If not, you may end up standing!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Honeymoon Destination Decided!

We're very excited to announce our honeymoon is being finalized - FINALLY!

Much like the wedding, we weren't sure if we'd have a honeymoon this year. After much batting around and discussion, we honed in on an adventurous honeymoon - A Road Trip up the California Coast!

While we're still working on an exact itinerary to share, the most beautiful thing about this trip is that, there is no "exact itinerary".  Well, that's got to be the second most beautiful thing. The first most beautiful thing has got to be that we're FINALLY getting our FIRST TRIP TOGETHER as a married couple that's more than just an overnight.

That's pretty exciting!
A bakery in Solvang
I thought I'd share some of our prospective hot spots with you -

Hearst Castle, San Simeon, CA - Built in 1865, Hearst Castle is an American marvel through and through, built by a wealthy miner at the time, it even included it's own zoo at one point!

The Danish Town of Solvang, CA - Known of it's windmills, wineries, and delicious food, this Danish land mark village is right in the heart of the Ynez mountains, and the road from here drives though - you guessed it - Central California Wine Country!  I'm sure we'll make a few stops along the way for tastings (driving safely, of course).

Carmel-By-The-Sea, CA - Another beautiful little town, this place is known again for great food, great art, and some relaxation in the redwoods and pines on the coast of Northern CA.

Monterey Bay Aquarium, Monterey, CA - We'll check out one of the biggest and best aquariums in the country, and spend a day enjoying Cannery Row.

And what trip to San Fran would be complete without a glimpse of the Golden Gate?  Or maybe setting foot in China Town, or Alcatraz?

Think this sounds exhausting? Think again!

All in all, the drive from Anahiem to San Fran is only about 8 hrs, so we'll be able to really take our time and spread things out, driving 2-3 hrs/day and still having plenty of time to spend a day or two in San Fran.

Lucky for us, my dad used to travel A LOT, so our hotels are covered for the entire trip on his gift of reward credits!

Want to contribute towards our honeymoon? Check out the link below our picture on the left!  There is also a link in our Disney Wedding registry page!  Since we're traveling, we'd like to request guests use these, or flat gifts - saves on shipping and we'll have a limited amount of space in our suitcases.

I can't wait! I guess we better invest in some shorts this summer....