Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Quick Update on the Status Quo

Greetings readers!
  Now, if you're a friend of family member of S, you're probably DYING to hear from him. So here's the skinny - Yes, he's back on land. (Yeah!)
 No, you can't call him and say hi (unless you like talking to voicemail).
 Yes, he will do his best to touch base with ya'll this weekend.
 I am not one for making excuses. In fact, I believe that you if you don't want someone you have to make excuses for - never start! But after living through this side of his schedule,  I'll never complain about my work hours again!

  Let's just take this week as an example -  Monday's shift started around 5:30am and didn't end until about 8pm on Tuesday.
 Wednesday's shift started around 6am and doesn't end until around 10pm on Thursday.
 Friday he'll also be working and maybe Saturday as well.

This is why a vacation has become so pivitol, and we're really glad to be able to take one in a couple weeks! This one won't be touring the country to visit family and friends (sorry!). This one is all about us. Yes, I'm probably a bit selfish, but in honesty, we haven't had more than 1 day together without an obligation or work since August probably. We both work weekends and with his deployments, we're learning to take our time and reconnect. It helps that we have a comfortable tax return this year and are able to put some money towards bills, the trip, and savings.

So your best chance to catch S (awake) will be SUNDAY.
Good luck!  - J.