Thursday, June 28, 2012

Getting a Lay of the Lands - Resorts and Downtown Disney

Since most of you haven't been to Disneyland (or haven't been in over 10 years), here's a little teaser!

If you're staying at a Disney Resort (or want to know where Sean and I are staying), you'll probably be staying at either the Disneyland Hotel or the Paradise Peir hotel. Where are those in relation to everything else? Well, here's a quick clipped map to give you an idea of where everything is.

So the wedding is happening in Downtown Disney, at Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen. They are graciously giving us the ENTIRE top floor from 10am-4pm, and allowing the girls in to a small dining room as our 'prep space' starting at 8:30am! I'll show you all the space during the rehearsal so you'll know where and when to meet. Guys - I imagine the best place for you to meet would be at the Disneyland Hotel. Sean will be flying solo that morning. (I'll be out early getting my hair and make-up done with my mom at a studio in Costa Mesa. Any ladies that would like to be early risers and come along to take photos, you're welcome to!)

Wedding weekend events (not requiring park admission) will take place in Downtown Disney.  A central location keeps parking and everything simple and stress free, and that's what we're all about! A few guests have mobility limitations so keeping it central makes it easier on them as well. (I hate being a guest at a wedding where the bride and groom only have about 5 minutes to spend with guests, so we're trying to avoid that scenario, even though we don't have time to spend a day one-on-one with each of you.) Please don't feel like you need to attend every event. We're happy to see you whereever we can.

So what is Downtown Disney all about? Mostly shopping, with live entertainment in the streets, and delicious food all around. Here's the most accurate map I could find of the place, with a few key wedding event locations marked. 

All this prep work is putting me in a Disney mood! Hopefully you folks are enjoying these updates too!
  To get the official line on what else you can find in Downtown Disney, Click here.


  1. Hi J! Just followed you over here to say how awesome your venue plans are. We ate there on Valentine's two years ago and loved that whole top part. It's so pretty on it's own! We actually considered it briefly for our rehearsal dinner, but we had a few finicky eaters in our group, so we decided to keep things a little simpler and ate elsewhere on property. I'm looking forward to reading more about your plans too! Congrats! :)

    P.S. I hope the studio in CM that you're referring to is Flawless Faces. They did my hair and makeup for my wedding and also recently did the wedding of a friend of mine earlier this month so I highly recommend them. If it's not them and you've booked something else, no worries. Just thought I'd give them a shoutout. ;)

    1. Hi Hope! It's certainly is Flawless Faces! As for Ralph Brennan's they are working with us to make sure there is something for everyone on the menu. It's actually funny that we picked 'there'! I learned the the wedding will be at the tail end of Dad's Chemo week, and he says the best way to combat the way chemo makes food taste (metallic) is to spice it up! I'm sure the Jazz Kitchen can spice up his entree for him! :)

    2. Awesome about Flawless! I love those girls and always go to them when I need extra help in the beautification department. I can't wait to see what they do for you! :)

      I love how your wedding will be a combination of two celebrations: your love and the end of your Dad's chemo. What a blessing! I'm so glad they're working with you on the menu. I like their chicken wrap for lunch and their chicken dish for dinner so I'm sure you'll find something there for everyone! (Plus their desserts are so yum so it's win-win all the way!) :D