Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wedding Chronicals - Themes

Nearly every wedding consultant encourages couples to pick a "theme" and build the wedding celebration around that theme. If it's something that represents an interest the couple have, it can be a fun way for guests to get to know the bride and groom a bit more.

So Sean and I have been kicking around some ideas for themes.
Here's what we've come up with:

Hidden Mickeys -
I'm a huge Disney fan, and Disney has grown near and dear to Sean's heart as well.
That said, this idea fell by the wayside. We decided that we'd have a few "hidden Mickey" touches, but we'd reserve them for ourselves, rather than trying to throw an entire Disney themed wedding that isn't in a Disney Park. (We would have LOVED to have throw it in the Disney parks, however min. expenditure for a group our size is $10-$12k, which is sadly out of our budget - we may reconsider this venue if any sizable contributions come in, however, for now, we're planning a home based reception/wedding). I'll be wearing a fairly obvious Mickey myself that I couldn't be more excited about, but that's news for another post.

Asian Inspiration -
Sean has always been intrigued by Asian cultures, Japanese to be specific. A few of my favorite things just happen to be of asian decent as well (orchids). And I like the idea of paper lanterns as well, however this, again, may be out of place, depending on the venue. So we may be working this in the same way we are working in the Hidden Mickeys theme - by just adding a few touches here and there. (Possibly floral, possibly center pieces, etc.). Sean has suggested using cherry blossoms as well. I'm not really to into pink (the color of cherry blossoms), and we're not sure what the cost would run since they are pretty hard to come by, but it's an idea that's out there.

Celtic Inspiration -
Sean and I both understand and appreciate symbolism. This would also fit our color scheme (green, ivory, and gold) very very well. There is a strong Irish line in my family, Sean's family has some Irish in it too, and my parents have visited Ireland on many occasions. The symbolism of a wedding and Celtic knots seem fitting. I also feel that this motif could work well at almost any venue.

Peacock theme -
I love colors, especially rich, deep colors. But I think I'd easily get sick of peacock stationary, peacock accessories, peacock themed center pieces, etc etc... so while I definitely want to sport one of these little babies (which will look AWESOME with the dress I've chosen), Sean also doesn't like the idea of more than 2 primary colors. I feel, to really do the peacock theme well, accentuating the beautiful sparkling rich blue is as necessary as the green and bronze/gold tones. So we're not completely sold on this either...

Natural theme - This one would be a no brainer - IF it were outdoors. However, Washington state in the outdoors? A "rain" inspired wedding might be more appropriate. November is one of the wettest months of the year.

We've still got plenty of time to figure things out, and probably won't have anything settled for a few months.

Who knows? Maybe we can find a way of combining a few of our favorites yet.


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