Sunday, February 13, 2011

Wedding Chronicals - The Trick is The Timing

Sean and I would LOVE to send out “Save the Date” cards to our prospective guests. Since just about everyone will have to travel no matter where the wedding takes place, we want to give our guests as much notice as possible.
The ticker is currently set for our hopeful date of November 5th, 2011.
However there may be a snag with that date.
See, we don’t have a location yet. Lucky for us, we’re booking “off season”, which ‘should’ save us money, but also limits our locations. Washington’s weather is known to be rather cold and unpredictable in the fall. In fact, it could be a white wedding!
But the biggest snag (apart from coming up with a few thousand dollars very quickly) is this –
We don’t even know if the Groom will be able to attend on that date yet.
Until we get Sean’s deployment schedule, everything is etched in sand (other than our enduring commitment to each other, of course).
Building our lives around the needs of the Navy isn’t easy. Being constantly surrounded by the love of our family and friends makes it tolerable.
We appreciate your understanding – prospective attendees (and attendants). Look for the Save the Dates in the mail in the beginning of May! 

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