Monday, February 14, 2011

Well, this Thursday Jaime and I will see each other for the last time before our move, hopefully to Washington...the state not the city. We would be living together in Port Orchard, a mere 45 minutes away from Bangor. Bangor being the base that I would be stationed to. I feel reassured that Jaime already flew up there and seemed to really like the place. It seems that we would be living in a smaller apartment for a 6 month lease, not too small, and from there decide if we want to stay in that apartment, in that same complex in a bigger apartment, or to move to an entirely new complex. Honestly I am really happy about the move. We are finally going to be in the same area code and most of the time under the same roof. It will be an amazing leap in our relationship, we no longer have to book monthly trips to see each other, because we finally get to see each other almost every day. Sure there will be the a few kinks in our relationship, a few tiffs here and there but what relationship doesn't have its quirks. I know that we will make it through anything because we have fought long and hard to make this work. I am just glad that I finally have the opportunity to be with the woman that I have always loved, even if at times I didn't know it. This is by far the best thing that has ever happened in my life. Jaime I love you so very much.
~ps - Here's the visual run down of the trip to Washington!~


  1. Just over a month before I move up - away from my home city for the first time too! But there's no one else I'd rather take this exhilerating, scary, exciting, step with! Being in the same time zone will be quite a welcomed change!

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