Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A New Begining - The Proposal

We had just finished walking around the World Showcase pavilions at Epcot one last time. We tasted the treats of Norway, took some photos of Japan, and indulged in some Kaki Gori (Japanese shaved ice dessert) before the big show...Illuminations. Heading back to Italy to grab a spot, we walked together hand in hand, taking our time. I stole glimpses of her face as we walked. She was undeniably beautiful with her enchanting smile. Her entire face seemed to glow with the magic surrounding us. After all, any place seems more magical when we are together. How could Disneyworld be any different?  Soon we arrived at our spot.
 It was perfect; no trees or buildings to obstruct the view.  Just another family nearby to chat with. One of the kids was also celebrating a birthday, and was very eager to chatter on about her family’s adventures in the parks. It served as a good distraction for Jaime.  I wrapped my arms around her waist in a nice  embrace, keeping her warm against the chilly night air. The children nearby eventually lost interest in conversation as the show time grew closer.  I rested my head on her shoulder and then there was an announcement, 15 minutes until show time.                 
                I dug my hand into my pocket pulling out a small ring, one I bought earlier that trip.  Unfortunately for me, I didn't have the ring that was originally picked out, but that is a whole other story. That said, I knew this was the perfect moment and I just couldn’t propose empty handed.  It just wasn't done.  Another announcement echoed over the speakers. The aged voice announced 10 more minutes.  Has it been 5 minutes already?
                I was getting ever more nervous, clutching the ring in my fist. I kissed her softly on the cheek glad for the darkness. She couldn't see the obvious nervousness written all over my face. During the fireworks was the perfect time. In fact, ever since the trip to Disney World was planned it just clicked in my brain.  What woman wouldn't like to be proposed during a romantic fireworks show on her birthday? 
But when to ask her.
  My worries grew.

5 minutes until show time. 

 Suddenly my mind went blank. Everything that I had planned just flew out the window.  I had planned this moment for over 3 weeks. For years I had wondered what I would say at that moment… But I suddenly found myself at a loss for words.  We chatted for a few more minutes as anxiously I turned ideas in my head. What was I going to do now?  When in the show would be the perfect moment?  Would I even know? 
                Suddenly, lights went down and the huge torches flanking our position sprang to life. The heat of the flames warmed her face. The narrator began, telling the story of mankind sharing the stories of their lives by the fire. An audible breath seemed to blow out the torches, cooling the air around us for a brief moment. I hugged her a little tighter as she leaned against my embrace. She’d been waiting to share this experience with me for a long time as well. With a little luck, we would take a more leading role in each other’s stories after tonight. But when to ask?  I could tell she was engrossed in the display unfolding before us.

 A blindingly bright white rocket arched through the sky like a shooting star. Illuminations had officially begun.  An explosion in the air and all speech was forgotten, not just for us, but everyone in the crowd, even the smallest of children. The fire barge, as Jaime had called it, had a way of jarring an audience into complete awe.  It was just so magical.  Suddenly all nervousness was gone. In that instant, the night was perfect.  I’d bide my time. I knew that the perfect moment would present itself. I just held her enjoying the amazing spectacle in front of us. 
Flashes of colors soared through the air while music chimed in perfectly on cue.  Pixie dust taken to a whole new level.
                Then, the music changed into a more romantic tune. Here was my moment to act.  I leaned over and whispered in her ear, "Jaime, will you marry me?" She half turned, not sure if she could believe her ears. We’d talked about this moment for so long. I will never forget what she said, "Does this one count?" with a smile in her voice. She could not see the ring I held in my hand or the seriousness in my face in the subdued lighting. It wasn’t a traditional proposal. I wasn’t down on one knee. I had no long speech. What I offered was an honest heart to heart connection and a simple question that lingered in her ear.  
 "I really mean it," I replied, and moved my hands, drawing her attention now to the ring I offered.  Her answer came without hesitation. She answered back in a whisper, “Yes.”
  I slipped the ring onto her finger. Illuminations had become background noise this moment, despite the explosions and grandeur. All that mattered was the perfect kiss that followed. Our first kiss as an engaged couple. Everything was as it should be for finally we where we belonged - together forever.
When the show finally came to a close, we spent a few moments just gazing into each other’s eyes, Jaime giggling and crying, nearly squeezing the life out of each other with hugs. I took her by surprise, leading her to a waltz to the closing number, entitled “Promise”. It couldn’t have been more fitting. The audio crooned , “Promise, you will take my hand as tomorrow comes, we go on. We go on, growing closer through the years. Moving on, through the good times and the tears.  Ever on, another thousand circles ‘round the sun. If two can be as one, we’ll go on.”

We walked out of the park, talking and laughing – and then The Ring Story came to light – but that’s a blog for another day.


  1. A very moving story. I am so happy for you two! Sean... ever consider writing romance novels?

  2. So nostril, didn't we talk about writing one together?

  3. If ya'll need an editor to do re-writes, I'm available!

  4. What a beautiful story - thanks for sharing. Welcome to the family Jamie!