Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Wedding Chronicals - Destination Wedding

Sean and I have batted around hundreds of wedding venue ideas since our engagement this January.

And we finally found one we're really excited about.

Yes, it will mean our guest list will be less, and our turn out may be less.

But in the end, we decided to do something within our budget, that's fun, exciting, and has special meaning to us.

We're getting married at Disney World!

But we're not paying Disney's prices to do it.
See, Disney Fairytale weddings are stunning and low hassle. There is no ifs-ands-or-buts about it.

BUT there are 3 resorts on property that are NOT Disney owned. The Swan and Dolphin owned and operated by the Sheraton company, and the military inn, Shades of Green.

The Swan and Dolphin are owned by the Sheraton company

I've had some pretty good experiences with Sheraton hotels in the past, which leads me to believe this could be a very, very positive experience for all involved. (Not to mention a dream come true for us!)

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  1. Disney World, this has been Jaime's dream for a long time. I am glad that we have found a cost effective way to do this. I love her with all my heart and would do anything for her and honestly I am excited about it as well. I mean that it is DISNEY!!!!