Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Nonsense and Non-Stress

Bergamot Day Spa
Last weekend, Sean gave me an amazing gift!

Actually, it started before Valentine's Day.

See, I'm moving to Washington (the state, not the DC) to be closer to him. And while I'm excited about the new chapter in my life, I'm also just a little stressed. USUALLY I handle it pretty well, but moving away from your hometown for the first time EVER isn't easy for anyone. Add a stressful job, where if I screw up, the FBI comes a-knockin', writing deadlines, and regular everyday life stuff, and it's enough to make anyone go crazy.

Sean knows me VERY well. We knew back in February that there would be a LONG stretch (most of Feb and all of March and April) where we wouldn't be able to see each other. He knew that I'd need a break, but that he couldn't be here to help with that, so he told me to send him a list of local spas.

I did.

And he set me up with an amazing spa morning for the first weekend in March, figuring it would relax me before the move. The package included a massage, manicure, and pedicure.

Going one step further, I have to say that I've never been entirely comfortable being touched by strangers. I'm not cold towards others, and I don't fear contact, but I've never been the touchy-feely type. I'm big on meaningful touch I guess. So when I found out that Sean had booked a massage I wondered if I'd be able to truly relax for it.

Well, I did -nearly completely anyway. A WONDERFUL, completely organic and natural head to toe massage. It took place in a little bamboo hut with soft music playing inside, and a fountain running by outside. In fact, I think he created a monster. I might have to try to do this more often. I felt so refreshed afterwards.

This place also gives the best pedicures in North County, CA. Ladies, forget about those little swirling jet thingys. You haven't lived until you've had a Bergamot pedicure. Hand done massages while your feet soak in a bowl of warm water with orchids floating in it and warm stones on the bottom of it. Only organic, fair trade substances are used in their massages (which made the tree-hugger in me feel great).

For my toes and my fingers, I ended up going with an opalescent lavender color. (I paint my nails so rarely, so it's a real treat for someone to do it for me - and do it evenly w/ all the undercoats and hardening sprays and such.)

The day continued to be great as my mom and I headed to Alfred Angelo to check out a wedding dress design similar to the one I was hoping to win from a LightInTheBox Facebook competition. (Click here to find out how to help us win!) More on that day to come...

Honestly, I've never had someone look out for me the way Sean does. While I miss him terribly and wish he could be here to help with the move, I'm so blessed by the way he takes every chance he gets to let me know that I'm loved.


  1. That's so lovely that you got to have a spa day!! The spa I work in is the only green spa in CT. We use organic products from the massage oils, to the facial products, and nailcare products. So glad to hear that you had a positive experience with the massage. It is so beneficial to your health. Being in school for it right now, I receive, one sometimes 2 massages a week from my classmates!!

  2. That comment was from me, not Jake!! I guess he was signed in at the time when I posted that

  3. I am glad that you could relax and enjoy your day at the spa. And love I did not create a monster. Everyone deserves some good relaxing time and the spa was the perfect give that I could give you at the time. Honestly I am more than happy to make sure that you get out to the spa on a regular basis. How about a spa day midway through each deployment. That way, one, you get to relieve some stress, and, two, you would know that you are at the home stretch of how long I am going to be away. I think that this should be a tradition for the next 5 years because I love you and you deserve nothing but the best!

  4. Bonnie- 2 massages a week, huh? I'm in the WRONG profession for sure!

    Sean - This is why I love you. The End.