Sunday, March 27, 2011

Well it has been a while since I made a post and so here it is. I found out in the past few weeks that my graduation date is actually April 8th instead of the 15th. What does this mean for Jaime and I? Well for one thing instead of leaving the 21st of April for WA now I get to leave the 15th. We get a whole extra week together! And on top of that I don't have to report to my next command until May 2nd. This means I get 17 days off of work and only 4 days are charged leave. It is going to be really nice to just relax and get used to the WA area before I get to my crew, the Pennsylvania Gold. As far as helping me with the move is my friend Louis and hopefully my friend Andy. After the ridiculous 38 hour drive and unloading the U-Haul we are going to spend a few days treating them around Seattle. Both of them are really helping us out a lot so we agreed that they deserve some time to see the area and have some fun. I also plan on paying for their plane tickets on the way back, which we have to buy soon.
As far as the front with how things are going with Jaime and I things are rather well, well as good as you can 2500 miles apart and with a 3 hour time difference. Even though we have this huge hurdle we try our best and set aside at least a few hours everyday to either talk or have our Netflix dates...with a few shows from Hulu plus thrown in every once in a while. After months of watching movies and shows though even this became stale so what did Jaime do for us last night? Bought a copy of "Would You Rather" of course! It was a nice change of pace. We had a few good laughs and it sparked some conversations that we probably never would of had. Once the move is all done and settled and she has a bit more free time I hope that we can find a book that we both want to read and read to each other before bed. I just look forward to a time that we can finally do all this in person.

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