Thursday, April 14, 2011

Wedding Chronicals- The Great Bridesmaid Debate

This post is more intended for my bridesmaids than anyone else:

Ladies, originally I had said "just wear a black dress that you love". Well... it turns out 90% of you don't actually own a "little black dress" and will be buying a dress anyway.

I'm trying NOT to influence your decisions, as you're already having to travel to be part of the wedding party, BUT I need some feed back.

This is the color (not style) we're looking at:
It's called "Clover", according to Alfred Angelo (the designer of my gown).  Accents would be Ivory and/or Gold, and we'll work the peacock feather into hair accessories that I've already got someone working on.

Check out the links below to get some ideas of what types of dresses I've been leaning towards. I picked out one in each length and a few different neckline styles.
Long/Halter -
Tea Length/Strapless (Price is Right! Under $125 plus 15-20% discount) - (Trim options: Ivory, Harvest Gold, Champagne)
Short/Halter -

Keep in mind that everything strapless does have a spaghetti strap option, and wraps (which can be pinned on to over upper arms/shoulders) will be provided for you, no matter what neckline/sleevelength we go with.

Why is everything Alfred Angelo?
I'm leaning toward Alfred Angelo because (even if you order black dresses), we get 15-20% off through them since that's where I got my gown. They are NATIONWIDE and it offer every dress in every size without charging more for plus sizes. And most of their dresses are available in Junior sizes as well, which is vital since my kid sister is part of the gang as a Junior Bridesmaid.

Here's the deal  - check out some of the polls at the bottom of this entry. Feel it out and please, ANSWER HONESTLY. Don't worry about what you think I want to hear. Seriously - if you know me at all, you know that I genuinely want to know what you think when I ask your opinion.

We found a great pervayer on Etsy that will most likely be handling the flower girl's dress.

So let me know what you think- sleep on it, whatever. It's important to me that each of my girls feel as beautiful and confident as they can! It's why I love each of you. Thanks!
I'll be making the final call on this one probably next month, depending on the results (and confirming the date of the wedding). 

If you like one of the dresses linked above, feel free to comment on this blog! Feedback is always welcome!

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