Monday, April 25, 2011

Toilet Paper Woes

Recently Jaime and I bought toilet paper for cheap, it was double ply, and I was reminded of why I never buy crappy toilet paper. I, for a number of years, have firmly believed that no matter how much or how little money I have had that I would never skimp out and buy cheap tp. It can be the difference between a gentle cloud caressing you or a piece of rough sandpaper. Well the stuff that we got feels more like the latter, which I thought was impossible with double ply. Well luckily for us it will be a short lived mistake for both Jaime and I have started cycles of Dr. Natura's Colonaide. And boy does that stuff work. It works rather well and suffice to say it a good portion of my morning does reside in the rest area. This has obviously been the wake up call I needed to remind me of how an amazingly soft toilet paper can just make your day. I mean I do prefer my arse to, you know, not bleed. I would hope that others feel the same. Kind of makes you wonder how those cheap Toilet Paper companies stay in business. Well I do have one theory...with the thousands of high schoolers and drunk college students out there I am sure that many of them have gone tping at least once, if not many more times. Why waste spending your little and hard worked for (begging daddy and mommy) cash on expensive toilet paper to throw over peoples houses and trees, but I digress. I, for one, will never buy cheap toilet paper again.

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