Wednesday, January 18, 2012

"So, what did you finally decide on for Bridesmaids Dresses?"

Having been asked this question several times - I went and bought some of the fabric for the dresses. Yes, they are PRINT. The wedding isn't necessarily a "stuffy" sort of formal event, and every wonderful woman standing up for us has a different body type and comfort level. So instead of picking out one "dress", there are 3 dresses available in this fabric. I suggest going to Alfred Angelo and trying the dresses on in person to get any idea of what length, neckline, ect. works best for you!

Dresses are in the green (clover and creme) color! I grabbed a swath of the black and white for a possible crafting idea.

While we're very excited to have a date, it's challenging to do much on the amount of sleep that's going on over here. See, I work days, and Sean is working nights right now. Which means we get about 2 waking hours together/day - and I'm usually working during one and a half of them. But we'll get over this hump! We make small decision whenever we have time to chat and move forward! Look forward to official "Save The Dates!" coming out next month!

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