Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Happy Birthday to Sean!

Yesterday was Sean's birthday. He's officially 2 years away from 30 now. I can't wait for his 30th.

Anyway, how did we celebrate? Well, it was pretty low key. He'd just gotten off duty, had to study, had a Fantasy Football draft, didn't want birthday cake, and we both had to work in the morning. Birthday dinner was a delicious Papa Murphy's Gourmet Chicken Pizza. Yum! All in all, it was pretty low key, but he did get his present! I got him a 3rd generation Ipod Touch. I figured it'll be handy during deployment! (So if anyone wanted to get him a gift, you can send some itunes money/gift cards so he can load it up before he deploys. His paypal account is the same as his email (if you're in the know, you know, so I won't post it on here) and feel free to email me if you need our street address.

With the insanity that is my schedule and his schedule right now, we're planning on actually celebrating this weekend -most likely on Monday (which we both have off -yeah!).

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