Friday, August 19, 2011

Adventures in Netflixing aka Good Times with Bad Movies

Since this summer has been full of great movies (which we'll no doubt cover once summer officially draws to a close), I thought it would be fun to share a little B-movie awesomeness with you folks. Sean and I love B-movies, and most of them just happen to be horror flicks.

You may already know that Sean and I spent a lot of time long distance. One thing we did to stay close was to have "Netflix dates".  We'd dial up some TV shows or movies on Netflix and watch them at the same time, either texting each other through them, sitting on speaker phone, or Skyping one another. When you're long distance, you get creative! At first, it started out with good shows like Farscape, Firefly, with a few random anime's thrown in from time to time. Until we hit a major snag - it didn't take us long to get through most of Netflix's more desirable film library. So I turned to Mail Order Zombie (a fun podcast I listen to regularly - and call in as "The Darling Dead") to find something new and exciting. Some of them were total hits, like the B-movie awesomeness without anything more than the "fun scare" factor. For example, this little Norwegian gem, Dead Sno. 
I mean, what isn't amazing about a movie full of invariably clueless college kids, buried treasure, and, oh yeah, Nazi zombies that pop out of the snow like daisies! It was comic genius in some places, and cringe worthy in others - a great B-horror movie.

Another MOZ (Mail Order Zombie) movie recommendation that was a winner was The Horde. We've had some good times with some cheese-ball movies, but even some Golden Oldies (like the 1974 film, The Towering Inferno) made it onto our computer screens. I'm a particular horror movie fan, as long as it's a fun scare, not a true scare.

Anyway, as you can imagine, we've discovered plenty of movies that were just plain bad too. In fact, we watched a streak of them so we developed a 45 minute rule. If the movie still bites after 45 minutes, we turn it off. Life is too short to sit through BAD movies. In all fairness, many independent horror films are pretty awful, so probably more than half of our bad movie experiences have been from films that were my choice.

ANYWAY, one film in particular was so bad, that it's turned into a running joke. Naturally, I felt I had to let you folks in on the joke. Here's the Trailer...

Sean had been wanting to check out this B-Made-For-TV movie since last Spring, so finally, on the recommendation of a fellow shipmate, we decided to give it a try. Now, I'll admit to having been mildly entertained in the past by some of the crazy creatures the SyFy channel has put out there in my youth. Some days there was just nothing like checking reality at the door and getting lost in a world of bad computer generated monsters and even worse acting.

But this film seriously took the cake. It was funny enough in the first 45 minutes to pass our rule, so we figured it would be an okay B-horror movie.

We were wrong.

This film makes Anaconda look like Oscar material...

But it did leave us with a sense of humor. Whenever something bad happens, we say, "Well, at least it wasn't as bad as Sharktopuss."

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