Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012 Recap - Part 2/2

June of 2012 held in store a trip to California for J and lots of work for S.

But luckily, July 4th was a different story. Though the month was still very busy, we did get to spend the special day together, watching both Seattle and Bainbridge Island's fireworks from our spot on the beach. We made a picnic of some sandwiches and dried fruit from a local market and wrapped up in blankets to enjoy the holiday.

July 4th, 2012
August was a BIG deal! The highlight of which was finally getting to do the wedding weekend we've been needing to do. We made some amazing memories that we'll always treasure with friends and family.

Pre wedding park time

Stag night

Wedding Awesomeness
Road Trip Honeymoon  

S and Odin Playing
September flew by pretty quickly, with lots of work filling most of the time. But the highlight of October was probably the Mud Run we did with S's shipmates and the addition of Odin to our little family.
Poulsbo Mud Run
    November flew by as well, but we did get to spend Thanksgiving together, which was fun, very low key, and relaxing, even if we didn't do the feast most are accustomed to when you think of Thanksgiving.

December was packed! S was out "Finding Nemo" for most of the month, but we were able to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day together with J's family. After that, it was back to the sea for S and back to the work-a-day world for J.

And thus it brings us to 2013. What we're looking forward to? Well, our first meal together in 2013 would be a great start.

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