Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Meaning of the 'Fish'

If you've chatted with us at all in the past 2 years, you know that S had to work very hard to get his 'fish'.  "Getting qual'd" has been the name of the game. And since S isn't here to write about it himself, this falls into the "proud wife" category of sharing.

Until you earn your 'Fish', you're considered a newbie - and a liability while underway. Once you qualify, your life stinks a little less (more down time), but there is a never-ending process of learning how the boat works, how a sailor can keep their shipmates safe, and where to go from there.

So I thought I'd direct you all to this blog of a retired submariner- as he gives those who just earned their 'Fish' a run down of what it means.


 PS.  S did indeed earn his 'Fish' this year.

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