Friday, November 30, 2012

Paid Our Highest Compliment

Sake with Brion and Gen in Japan, World Showcase, Epcot, March 2012

 We've been so busy that my blogging has fallen really far behind! My apologies, you poor little neglected blog!  Most of our "busy-ness" has been formed around hectic work schedules and squeezing in time for life's fun and responsibilities. But it dawned on me (J) yesterday that Sean and I have a pretty unique relationship now-a-days.

While we were having lunch at our favorite local Japanese place, we got to talking with the waitress/owner's niece. A nice enough, well intentioned lady, she asked if we were married. We said yes, and she looked surprised, adding, "I thought you were friends."

I love that.

Extreme Mud Run, Poulsbo, October 2012
That's got to be one of the highest compliments we've ever received - especially from someone who doesn't know us other than seeing us pop in and out of the her eatery a couple times a month (usually with our roommate or other friends in tow).

I answered with, "Well, we are. We really like each other."
To which Sean added, "We more than like each other. We love each other."

The conversation went on briefly to talk about kids, the business, etc. But that moment really stuck with me.

Most people who have met us in Washington believe we've been together forever, and in many ways, they aren't wrong. Once they learn our story,  I've her reactions that range from comparing us to a fairy tale to comparing us to the accusatory, 'whirl wind romance.' Yes, Sean and I are both dead ringer romantics at heart, but I think Brion (my brother in law) got it right when he said, "They just didn't need to wait."

Pre-wedding Disneyland morning, August 2012
Lately, life has shown us just how valuable that deep friendship is. Being as busy (and exhausted) as we usually are, making time for true romance is challenging. And that's where being best friends comes to the rescue.

I've noticed a few commonalities between our relationship and the couples we know married over 40 years and still going strong. Without exception, they are friends come what may. They actually enjoy each other. But it goes a step beyond that. (We all know life doesn't give us wine and roses 24/7.) There is a security that is uncommon with other relationships. Sure, we don't like conflict, but we don't shy away from it when we need it. We know that we're both in this life together. We're on the same team. We're not always perfect, but what we are always is really really really good friends.  Without that, I don't know how we would have had the faith to see us get this far, much less the tools to work through long deployments without either of us losing our minds.

I couldn't be more glad to see that it shows in our everyday life. There's no one else I'd rather walk this path with then my best friend.

- J

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