Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Super Busy - but a great weekend!

Sean and I had a great weekend last week- but things continue to be very busy out here.

Last weekend, we got to go to my first Disney Fan Convention! Now, I won't say I'm in Disney withdrawl up here, but I do miss being within driving distance to a park (and having an annual pass in my back pocket). This was so great! We were able to recapture those feelings from our first trips together last year  (Disneyland over Christmas, and Disneyworld over my birthday last January).  It was a blast! We got some artwork from Robin Hood SIGNED by one of the animators, so I'm looking forward to getting them framed and putting them up! We scored a bunch of free movie posters too, and got to do some networking.
Click on this link to check out the highlight reel I put together in the Disney fan blog I contribute to.

Things are still busy - that was our first full day together in weeks, but we make the best of the time we have. :)

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