Monday, May 23, 2011

Wedding changes - mainly THE DATE

Alright - so here's the skinny:

At a BBQ/Poker night with some of his shipmates, Sean and I learned that he will most likely be "unavailable" during the month of November. In fact, it was more like, "Don't make any plans after September. Hopefully you'll see him over Christmas." Alrighty then. That changes things a bit.

The vendors have been contacted, the families have been notified, as has the bridal party. So what's the fall back plan?

Well, we're going to get the legal part of the marriage out of the way before he deploys. It makes sense in every way.

HOWEVER - we don't want to be one of those couples that elopes and never gets around to celebrating with family and friends.

SO with that in mind, we are creating 2 plans of action to be decided on fully in 2012:

Plan #1:
Still do a Disney event (either coast, but we're still leaning toward Florida due to the finances of it).
We'll set this plan into motion IF we can confirm something for off-season. Even me, the ultimate Disney fan in this relationship, DOESN'T want to fight Florida's heat, humidity, or peak season crowds/prices in the summer. So we'll either catch it early in the year, or in the fall. Neither would be bad.

Plan #2:
Do an event in Washington.  There is a 100 yr old opera house available for events that we certainly wouldn't mind renting out. It can be truly beautiful up here. This is the summer time plan. If we're confined to the summer time, then we'll probably invite everyone to our neck of the woods, as it is BEAUTIFUL out here during the summer months.

So that's the latest and greatest. This blog will focus less on wedding for now - and more on our adventures in Washington. 

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  1. what??? you changed the date on me... ugh! how am i supposed to come now?? lol im just kidding.

    :) It's good that your plans are so flexible. Flexibility... is key in marriage.