Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Board game night - Zombies!!!

Sean and I have gotten our hands on some unique board games. While we haven't had time to play them as much as we'd like, we did check this one out about a month ago, and it was fun!

Every turn, players play a "Map Card" that has buildings/streets on it. Each Map card has a few numbers on them. These numbers dictate how many Zombies appear on the card, as well as how many health units and bullets appear on it. The player of the map cards adds the appropriate number of Zombies, bullets, and health units. (Above, the Zombies are the gray/green figures, a health unit is a small orange tab, and the player appears in blue.)
Players roll a dice to see how many squares he/she can travel.

Our map by the time we were done! (The small black chips are bullets.)

The winner either reaches the Helipad square (which would eventually be played by someone, so it's never in the same place twice) OR the first to kill 25 Zombies.

In case you didn't now, you REALLY SHOULD tag along with Sean, should the Zombie Apocolpyse ever come to pass!  He killed 15 zombies in record time! I can't wait to play it with more people. There are LOTS of different installments to this game. We also picked up the version that takes place in a multi-level mall instead of a town. Hopefully we can break it in someday soon.

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  1. This looks like such a fun party game! I'm planning a Couples Pre-Thanksgiving Dinner Party & Game Night for the 2nd week of November, and so far we have Pictionary, a spinning wheel for small prizes, and Twister...this game looks like so much fun; we could make teams to race toward the 25-zombie mark! Thanks for the idea :D